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Overlay Booster

  • Overlay Booster is a Windows-based software package designed for optimization and control of overlay in semiconductor manufacturing. Main product benefits are ease of use, accuracy of process correction parameter estimates, and fast time-to-results.

  • One application of this software package is real-time unattended operation in manufacturing environment. The package is available from Nanometrics, Inc. for operation with IVS metrology tools.

    Learn more about real-time features.

  • A second application of the software package is off-line analysis. Data files generated by overlay metrology tools such as IVS or KLA can be opened with Overlay Booster. The software automatically calculates and displays process correction parameters for feeback to exposure tools. Vector map and lot or wafer statistics are displayed on a single screen. Other features include capability to save results of a group of data files, subtraction of two data files, and lens fingerprint analysis. These featuers can be used for stepper matching and monitoring.

    Learn more about off-line features.

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