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provides calibration wafers and software products for overlay and critical dimension metrology in semiconductor manufacturing.

MetroCal™, MetroChip™, and Overlay Booster™ are MetroBoost's flagship products.



Overlay Booster: Analysis Software for Control and Optimization of Lithography Exposure Tools

Overlay Booster is a Windows-based software package featuring analysis models for ASML, Canon, Nikon and other exposure tools. The real-time license for unattended operation with IVS metrology tools is available from MetroBoost and also several IVS tool suppliers. MetroBoost also offers Overlay Booster as an off-line software package for data review and engineering analysis. Overlay Booster can import data files from several different metrology tools including overlay data files created by Applied Materials CD-SEM systems. As an optional feature, the product provides the capability to analyze the difference between two data files. Applications include stepper matching, etch-to-photo bias analysis for predictive lot disposition, indirect overlay to a third layer, and review of wafer-to-wafer variations in a lot.



MetroChip: Microscope Calibration Target

MetroChip is a 20 mm by 20 mm die from 200 mm MetroCal wafers. Applications include calibration of field of view (2D) and magnification (1D) in optical microscopes, scanning electron microscopes, atomic force microscopes and similar tools. This product is shipped with documentation as shown. MetroChip is available from Ted Pella, Inc., the leading provider of microscopy supplies.

Please visit Ted Pella web page for more details such as information about NIST traceability.


MetroCal: Stage Mapping Wafer and More

MetroCal is available in 300 mm and 200 mm wafer sizes. The product is designed from the ground up for system calibration and daily monitoring of critical dimension (CD) metrology tools. MetroCal provides on a single wafer over 1000 targets for setting up matched metrology tools. The most common application of MetroCal is in stage mapping. Wafers can also be used as daily monitor for CD-SEM, FIB, overlay and scatterometry CD metrology tools. Wafer patterns are printed with DUV scanners and etched into a gate stack on silicon substrate. MetroCal wafers have been in use at major semiconductor manufacturing facilities and have been adopted as system wafers by major equipment suppliers. More about MetroCal...


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