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MetroView And
Focus Exposure Analyzer



MetroView and Focus Exposure Analyzer are off-line CD metrology applications designed from the ground up for use in production environment.



Reads CD tool output files directly. Does not require data preparation.

Improves productivity -
Faster time-to-results.

User can incorporate images in the analysis in addition to numerical data.

Improves process control -
More reliable results from focus-exposure experiments.

Graphical view of wafer data - Generate images and plots with a click of the mouse.

Improves productivity -
Information that would take hours is available in seconds.

Ease of Use - Reports are generated quickly.


Improves litho engineer's productivity -
Eliminates laborious work in preparing spreadsheets.

Automated assignment of CD SEM images to fields and sites.

Reduces rework rate, Improves process control -
Reduction of chances for error.

Displays images and CD results in the wafer layout map.

Opportunities for new discovery - Quickly hunt for anomalies by viewing the entire wafer at a glance.

User can quickly step through displays of both images and CD data in the wafer layout map.

Improves productivity -
The ability to get more done during the time period allotted for CD measurement step.

Future capability - Tie into another application to measure from images.

Improves productivity -
Adds capability to measure from images off-line; focus-exposure or production lots.

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